Great Talent Drives Great Companies


It starts with Cultural foundation.  Does your culture truly seek & welcome Diversity?

Does your Culture truly seek to include everyone?

Does your company “walk the talk”? 


Valued Employees

When internal diversity and inclusion are strong, employees feel valued. It’s human nature to want to feel valued. Valued employees will serve customers better, which creates customer success.

And we know what customer success creates…

Successful Customers

Valued employees reflect the people they serve, their customers. True D&I prevents an organization from becoming too insular and out of touch with its increasingly heterogeneous customer base. 

Your customers will love that you know them.



People with different lifestyles and different backgrounds challenge each other more via differing perspectives. You’ll have higher propensity to get deeper inquiry, better decisions and breakthroughs.

Stronger Products & Company.

Nadine North

Nadine North

Diversity & Inclusion → Customer Success → Return on Investment
The satisfaction & reward of time well spent.

Building companies is fascinating. The successful combination resourceful people, great ideas, solid decision-making, execution, market timing, art and luck.

As my career has evolved from Financial Capital to Human Capital, building the interlocking “puzzle” of Strategy, Planning, Talent, Finance, Execution, Market and Customer Success is a never-ending journey of trial, error and trying again. What part is the practice, what part is that art? And what part is just plain common sense?

As a Human Capital professional, D&I is my core passion. I’ve been on the mission building diverse companies my entire career — on the lookout for the gems of talent that other companies overlook — creating “on ramps for jobs” and then ensuring all have a seat at the table. The best part of creating successful companies is helping to create the successful careers for the people who are the company builders.

My longtime standard practice now has a category, Diversity & Inclusion — and a number of studies that prove diverse and inclusive companies create stronger decisions, better products and more successful customers. In fact, a recent McKinsey study shows that gender diverse companies outperform the industry median by 15% and ethnically diverse companies outperform the industry median by 35%. And common sense states that Inclusion makes this happen.

Success careers. Success companies. Fulfilling life. What follows are my experiences and opinions on what it takes to find, create and preserve the satisfaction of time well spent.

The Future of Work is Now

The 4th Industrial Revolution


We all do better when we all do better.*

I established The North Point in 2010, as a platform to engage and activate my core beliefs. While living my business dream, I work to create business, economic and public service opportunity “on-ramps” for those without direct resources or easy access to pertinent education for productive jobs. I want to help them live their dreams. And a big part of this is realizing there’s a new way we work.
The way we work has fundamentally changed.  And how it’s going to change even more.  Work hours, work spaces and work compensation are all fluid. Flexibility is mandatory. Consistent education is mandatory.  Planning on numerous careers is mandatory. People want to and many have to work for many years longer than previous generations.  Skills have to be current and futuristic.  See my blog for a discussion about these changes and what work looks like in the Digital 4th Industrial Revolution economy.
Here are some companies and initiatives that I support & are doing impressive work to skill, re-skill and get people into our vital economy:
Green Fig University, Libby Unger, CEO and Co-founder
GreenFig is a micro education company offering microdegrees in applied business science.
Reboot Accel, Diane Flynn, CEO and Co-founder 
ReBoot Accel educates, inspires, and catalyzes women to restart their careers, build businesses, dream bigger and pursue lives of impact. 
Future of Work Initiative, The Aspen Institute
The Future of Work Initiative is a nonpartisan effort to identify concrete ways to strengthen the social contract in the midst of sweeping changes in the workplace and workforce.
Emerge America, Andrea Dew Steele, President and Founder 
Emerge America is changing the face of politics by recruiting, training, and providing a powerful network for women to run for elective office in public service. Since their founding in 2005, the Emerge program has expanded into 21 US states.
*Courtesy of Senator Paul Wellstone

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